Bankhead Theater

The Bankhead Theater stands as a precious gem within Livermore’s vibrant arts scene, offering a diverse range of musical performances, dance shows, theater productions and more to the city’s close-knit community of nearly 89,000 residents. Operating as a nonprofit, the decision to adopt solar power was a pivotal one, letting them not only reduce costs but also channel resources towards their core mission while simultaneously shrinking their carbon footprint. Cool Earth Solar effectively achieved this goal through the installation of rooftop solar panels. With this robust solar system in place, the annual reduction of carbon emissions is equivalent to offsetting 181,674 miles of driving or recycling a weighty 24.5 tons of waste that would otherwise find its way to landfills.

Location: Livermore, CA
Products Featured: 62 kW foam rooftop installation.
As a nonprofit organization, acquiring solar was a way to save costs and redirect some of our resources to serving our mission (and lowering our carbon footprint). Cool Earth Solar was extremely helpful in working with us to find the best savings and navigate the very complex energy market. They stayed with us all the way from the initial call through the entire process in getting our power switched over. They continue to stay in touch and make sure we are taking advantage of all the programs and opportunities available. Rob and Rebekah and the whole team are responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them!
- Chris Carter, Executive Director, Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center