Felicia Project

Navigating the world of solar energy systems can be perplexing. From the advanced technology of panels and batteries to deciphering a multitude of terms and definitions, it’s a journey that can leave anyone feeling uncertain about where to begin, or if they should begin at all. For Kyle and his family, finding Cool Earth Solar was a sigh of relief. The company’s commitment to transparency and sharing information, without any push to influence their decisions, made the process smooth. The fact that Cool Earth Solar is a local company with employees deeply rooted in the community was the cherry on top of their solar sundae.

Location: Livermore, CA
Products Featured: Featured: 24 all-black solar panels paired with 21 kWh Enphase IQ batteries.
The team at Cool Earth are fantastic. I wanted to go with a local shop that was reputable and transparent since solar can sometimes be confusing. The discovery call was very informative and all my questions were answered. The options presented to me were clear and had all the necessary details, and more, you'd want in a solar proposal. We did a walk-through site assessment, which was very helpful, and we chatted through pros and cons of battery placement.
- Kyle