• 1. Why choose Cool Earth Solar?

    Specializing in Commercial, Industrial and residential sectors, we're proud to offer all inclusive installation services for solar, storage, and EV charging stations. We take pride in providing the best products and customer experience the Bay Area has to offer. Ran by an electrical engineer, all products we work with have been highly vetted and are backed by some of the strongest industry warranties. Cool Earth provides an all inclusive package with in house design, engineering, construction and ongoing support.

  • 2. How can solar be integrated with energy storage?

    Whether your goal is to have back-up power during utility outages, or to maximize energy export rates during peak hours, energy storage is now and it’s the way of the future. Designing the appropriate storage solution and incorporating that with the correct solar design can be complex and requires expertise. Our team's goal is to help you weigh all considerations to identify what energy storage solutions will be best for your home or business.

  • 3. Are there any state or federal incentives for going solar

    Yes! The 30% Federal Incentive Tax Credit for Energy Efficient improvements has been extended through 2035. Speak to your tax professional to verify your eligibility and how you can take advantage of this incentive. Depending on your project scope, there may also be other incentives available to you.

  • 4. If solar is so great, why doesn’t everyone have it?

    Millions of homeowners and well known companies have gone solar. For those who haven’t, it's usually because they don’t yet know about the full range of benefits solar can provide. Financial savings, reduction of carbon emissions and energy independence are just a few of the benefits we strive to educate the public about.

  • 5. Do solar carports make sense?

    If you’re considering solar for your commercial property, often the most desirable or feasible location for solar arrays is the parking lot. Cool Earth specializes in Carport installations and has installed dozens of solar carport structures across California. 

    There are several potential benefits, including:

    • Capitalizing on large unshaded areas to maximize solar output
    • Applying major federal tax incentives (consult your tax professional)
    • Ensuring clean solar array aesthetics
    • Providing valuable shade and shelter to parking areas