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Cool Earth Solar develops and builds solar power plants that are clean, renewable, and good for the planet!

We accomplish this in two ways.

Commercial Solar

We install solar at commercial and industrial sites, which are ideally suited for solar given their large energy use and expansive roofs and property. We also develop large ground mount solar power plants at farms/ranches or for connection to the Utility Grid. Please see our project page for more information!

Residential Solar

We build solar projects for homeowners and residential properties! Please check out our project gallery below to see some of our recent projects. We can build one for you!

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Solar Services

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We provide a full turnkey solar project for our customers. We perform a complete package of project services, including site survey, financial analysis, engineering and design, permitting, procurement, construction, utility interconnection, start-up and commissioning, plant monitoring, and on-going operation and maintenance.


We only use the best solar equipment available on the market for our solar projects. We proudly use Solar Frontier and SunPower solar modules.

Engineering and Design

All engineering and design services are performed by professional licensed engineers. Electrical Engineering is at the heart of our solar power plants, and it is performed 100% by the Cool Earth team.

Quality Construction

We take pride in our construction projects. Quality construction work delivers a solar plant that performs well and lasts for over 25 years. All construction work is performed by the Cool Earth team of professionals.

Monitoring and O&M

Once a significant investment has been made to install a solar plant, it is important to monitor it's performance and validate the significant financial benefits. Proper operation and maintenance insures reliable production and long life of a solar plant.

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Commercial Solar

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We are so proud of the solar projects that we have built for our customers! Please let us show off a few

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Residential Solar

just for you
We are so proud of the solar projects that we have built for our customers! Please let us show off a few
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Our Management Team

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Cool Earth Solar is powered by a team of highly motivated individuals with deep skill sets, a team of problem solvers focused on implementing a new and better solution to one of the world's most pressing challenges: the energy crisis. Together, we are dedicated to developing improved solar technologies and building a better designed solar power plant that will make solar energy the competitive cost choice against traditional fossil fuels.

Rob Lamkin


Jim Tietz, PhD


Victor Munoz

Manager, Construction

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Timeline Post News
We like to promote solar, our customers, and a clean environment.
  1. 196 Kilowatt SunPower System Expected to Save 580 Executive Center $2.7 Million in Electric Bills Over 25 Years
  2. 340-Kilowatt​ ​SunPower​ ​System​ ​Expected​ ​to​ ​Save​ ​Valley​ ​Christian​ ​Center​ ​$2.98​ ​Million
  3. One of the 108 new LED light panels installed at Toyota Vallejo can be seen above the main entrance. The new lights plus new solar panels installed on the business’ roof are lowering energy costs for the car dealership.
  4. Cool Earth Solar was featured by solar module manufacturer Solar Frontier in it's recent news report.
  5. On Wednesday August 13th, US Congressman Eric Swalwell and Cool Earth Solar president Rob Lamkin were on hand to help All American Label owner Brad Brown dedicate a Cool Earth Solar PV installation at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at All American Label headquarters in Dublin, California.
  6. High quality of life, lower rents, and a brilliant workforce are luring start-ups to the east bay. Meet the fearless pioneers who are staking their claim.
  7. Solar Balloons: Future of Alternative Energy?


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